Empties from April to June!

Hello beautiful unicorns! I hope you all are well!

I wanted to show all of you beauties my empties and what I’ve used up from April to now! I loved these past few months empty products! Let me know what you all think about the items pictured below and also tell me about your empties collection! I can’t wait to find out!



L’Occitane repairing conditioner sample

Pure Source New Zealand thermal bath salts

Korean Bamboo Water sheet mask

Kneipp “Happy for me,” and “Happy feeling,” bath salts

German brand nighttime calming bath salts (dark purple package)

B&BW Sweet cinnamon pumpkin foaming hand soap

B&BW sweet sangria foaming hand soap


Aloette Aloe Pure time repair serum

Avalon Organics Wrinkle therapy serum

Loreal Clean Artiste makeup remover

Origins Zero oil moisturizer

Prince Hello roll-on perfume

The Balm Mr. Write now eyeliner in brown

Ole Henriksen vitamin c day time serum

Body Fantasies Cotton Candy spray

Lancome renergie lift eye cream

Thierry Muegler Angel perfume (small bottle)

The Body Shop absinthe body cream (it was wondeful!)

L’Occitane lavender hand cream

Rimmel long lasting 25h foundation

B&BW wildberry blossom foaming hand soap

B&BW pumpkin pecan waffles foaming hand soap

Biosilk silk therapy shampoo

Red Cherry Valley of the Dolls faux lashes set

B&BW stress relief vanilla verbena body wash & bubble bath

B&BW Jingle Bellini body wash

B&BW Sweet Pea body wash

Korean Innisfree olive oil body oil wash

B&BW Aromatherapy honey vanilla dream body wash & bubble bath

B&BW Paris A’mour body wash

B&BW sweet pea shampoo & coconut lime verbena conditioner




Estee Lauder gentle eye makeup remover

Love & toast honey coconut shower gel

Skintimate sensitive skin lotionized skin therapy shaving cream

Burts Bees very volumizing pomegranate shampoo


I hope everyone had an amazing 4th and it has carried you all into an even more amazing and fun week!! Stay magical beautiful unicorns!

Ciao bella,

Amelia Paige xx





Professional teeth whitening at home with Smile Brilliant! 

Hey Y’ALL! Sorry for the long absence- not feeling well on this side of the world right now but I just wanted y’all to know I haven’t forgotten bout all of you!

Just dealing with a dumb cold right now and some school issues!smilebrilliant-logo-horizontal-600x425
Recently I was sent a teeth whitening system from Abby at Smile Brilliant! I am a huge fan of this system! It worked wonderfully and is so easy to make and use at home!
Thank you so much Abby! You are awesome! ❤
I’ll post below pictures of the whitening system, how-to’s, before and afters, and my code below if you’d like to save $$$ for purchasing this incredible whitening system!
The system comes with two molds- a top and bottom for your teeth with a molding type clay! You mold it to fit the trays and then take impressions of your teeth, rinse off with cold water and send back for your custom whitening trays to come in the mail!
This is what the kit looks like, when you receive it in the mail!
Professional, clean and easy to use!
“Great for lightly stained teeth. For those who have whitened in the past but experienced sensitivity or have natural sensitivity to cold food/drink. Does not regularly drink coffee, tea, or wine and does not smoke.”
Everything you need to get custom-fitted trays and 9 applications.

Smile Brilliant Review_4

Before & Afters:

Thank you guys and have a blessed day! 
Use my code: luxefashion and save 10% right now when purchasing the kit! 💕

Amelia ❤ 

Mario Badescu drying lotion DIY dupe


  1. 2parts tea tree oil or astringent          

  2. 1 part water

  3. Calamine lotion

  4. 2-3 inch container
Mix one part water with two parts of tea tree oil or astringent. From here, using a dropper, fill your bottle 1/3 of the way full with calamine lotion. Then fill the rest of the bottle with your water/tea tree oil mixture. Let the calamine lotion settle at the bottom of the bottle so it separates from the oil mixture, then use a cotton swab to dip into the bottle, absorbing both the liquid and the calamine lotion. 

Let sit on your blemish overnight and wash off in the morning. Protect your skin with moisturizer.


Caio Bella,

Amelia xx

👽♡ 90s Princess ♡👽

               WHAT’S THA 4-1-1?!                                Calling all 90s babies to the front row. 

I was born in the 80s, grew up in the 90s and I never left. I’m still so obsessed with yin/yangs, chokers, holographic clothing, glitter, space buns, butterfly hair clips, etc…. You get the gist.  

CLEAR PLASTIC ANYTHING! 💗 need I say more?! Those stickers covering the clear pink purse is bae😍😍😍 Also now I’m wondering why we thought it was cool to show others what we owned??? Lol. They could easily be stolen.. but it was the 90s, you still let your kids play outside by themselves. You didn’t have to think about the crazies. 🤗 How I miss it. 

Flip phones. 🙂 Cute as hell! Granted these kind came out towards end of 90s-Early-mid 00s & if I was going to own one now, it would definitely be this pink Chanel one! ⬆️ …Because hello, 1. It’s pink. & 2. It’s Chanel. Duh. 😂 

Unicorns were definitely everything in the late 80s & 90s. Everything we owned either had a dolphin or a unicorn on it. Not much has changed in my life since then tbh. 🦄💚🐬  #unicornsforever 

GiNGER & BABY SPiCE were queens 👸👑 I mean, if you were apart of the Spice Girls group you were a queen! A 90s queen to be exact. They wore all the cool clothes, had the best hair & makeup, the most rad shoes. THEY HAD IT ALL. I still blast their music all da time! And seriously, gimme that velour looking orange blanket they’re sitting on. Everyone needs some spice in their life. ✌️ 

And seriously. If you didn’t own both of these pop artists cd’s 📀📀 plus have their songs & dance routines memorized can you really say you were and still are a 90s princess? 👑 We hope so! Britney will always be the 90s pop princess & this was my fav Christina! 

Lisa Frank ruled the world & obviously still does because it made a comeback. It ain’t going away! I need to get to the store & get me a trapper keeper for college. Hey, I’m still in school & that’s okay because Lisa Frank is still around. School supplies, ftw. 📚✏️✂️🖍📓
If you were a 90s baby/ princess & still are you’ll know exactly what this blog is about & the nostalgia will start to flow. Happy reading unicorns! Throw on some body glitter, twist up your hair with butterfly clips, put on a 90s playlist and sit back into inflatable neon colored plastic furniture because the 90s lives on! ☻

Ciao Bella, 

Amelia xx

.:Empties from December-March:.

Hello lovelies! I’ve missed you all! These are my empties from December through March, I wanted to do individual blogs for each one but I had so much going on and was in the states for two months this past six months that I didn’t get to. But I am finally getting to show you guys the products I’ve been using and what I have used all up so far!

•Japanese laundry detergents smell amazing as well as the fabric softeners, I purchased Flair: Gentle and bouquet scent and Lenor: eau de luxe in sensual. Both smelled amazing! Just wish they came in larger containers so they could last longer! But everything is so small in Japan, I can’t complain because the packaging is adorable and so is everything else about Japan!

•Coty Air spun loose translucent powder. You can purchase this at Walmart or on Amazon for $10 or less, it’s great for baking, I’ve used it for years and it has been around for a very long time! With that being said you know that it is an awesome product if it has been around that long! I love this powder.

•Rodial Stem Cell cleansing cream! Let’s just go ahead and say how amazing this product was and how soft my skin was after I used it! I can’t remember if it came in ipsy or a boxy charm but either way I loved it! The consistency of the cleansing cream wash is so creamy and soft, almost like a lotion and it’s great for sensitive and dry skin both!

•Epice Facial Mask, smells like cucumber and is a lovely shade of bright green. Made my face extremely soft!

*Bath&Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom luxury bubble bath, this is an old-school scent, that never gets old!

*Lux Adore Forever shower gel, I love the brand Lux but wasn’t too impressed with this scent. I’ll be honest, I bought it for the packaging but it was boxed up so I couldn’t test it in store.

*Bath&Body Works volumizing sweet pea conditioner, another old-school scent that also never gets old!

*Burts Bees Extra Energizing citrus & ginger root body wash, OMG I absolutely love this body wash! It smells AH-MAZING!! A must have!<3

*Nioxin Extra Hold Hairspray

*Amber Blush Bath&Body works shower gel, this one is just ok. Not too great of a scent. A little too sweet.

*Lancôme crème radiance facial wash, I have used this face wash for 5 years now & it is THE ONLY one that has cleared up my acne! (somewhat)

*Biosilk silk therapy conditioner, hubby’s favorite. He has used it for 20 years and it smells great & works wonderful!

*Bath&Body Works moonlight path luxury bubble bath, another old-school scent.

*Softsoap Juicy pomegranate & mango infusion shower gel, my daughter picked this out & she loved it! Refreshingly awakening!

*Innisfree green tea body wash from Korea

*NYX cosmetics brow pencil in taupe, won’t be buying this again. Not too impressed with the quality.

*Himawari oil in conditioner, got this sample at Don Q and oh my-lanta, it smelled yummy and made my hair so soft!

*Josie Maran Argan Finishing cream, got this sample from Sephora and I love anything by her! The products are very high quality and nourishing

*Bumble & Bumble hairdressers dry oil, another sample from Sephora, love the products from Bumble & bumble, wish they weren’t sooo expensive tho!

*Scentsy ocean room spray

*Rituals yogi flow shower foam, a gift from Rituals & Preen.Me, I am now in love with shower foam of any kind! Great for shaving and washing!

*Lux softy luxury shower gel, loveddddd this scent! would purchase again!

*Almay eye makeup remover pads, they work really good, but imo too small and thin.

*Red Cherry eyelashes from eBay, LONGEST lashes I’ve ever, bought, worn & owned

*Softy Mo cleansing oil, love this Japanese brand of makeup removing cleansing oil! cheap & is great at removing all of your makeups

*Hairgurt strawberry banana hair masque, from my boxycharm, smelled really good, but did not make my hair that soft and silky.

*John Frieda Beach Blonde Smooth Seas conditioner, if you are a blonde, this conditioner is a must-have! It’s minty, fresh tingle will leave your scalp feeling refreshed! Also, it is excellent at detangling hair and making it shine!

*Freeman charcoal & black sugar face scrub, I bought this as a dupe for MAC’s volcanic ash facial scrub and it worked well, not as good as MAC, but a lot cheaper. I will more than likely rotate between the two.


I hope you all enjoyed seeing my empties! I know it’s been a minute since I’ve posted an empties blog, and this one is chock-full of them! Have a sparkly weekend unicorns!

Ciao bella,

Amelia xx

Dream Valentine’s Day with Kate from Adore Me! 

Hello beautiful unicorns! 🦄 Apologies for the delay of a post from me! Today I would like to share a dream Valentine’s Day idea that Kate Jordan from Adore Me has asked me to do in collaboration with Adore Me! 

Everyone loves to doted and spoilt, right?! The perfect way to any girls heart is with chocolate, diamonds, flowers and how could we forget spontaneity?! If your man does these things for you then consider yourself lucky! You got a catch! 

My idea dream Valentine’s Day would be a nice candle lit dinner on the beach! Including champagne, chocolates, all the good stuff! (He could even throw in some new makeup and I wouldn’t complain hehe!) I know I’m not the only one!

But first, I would need to look the part! I would go for a lovely bold and glowy mua look for the night and something sexy to wear! Below I will post some ideas for you all so you can give hints to your special beau & also some great ideas for mua/oote for Valentine’s Day!

I know that we are past Valentine’s Day but no reason we cannot start planning for the next one! I hope all of you beauties enjoy this post and I’d love to hear back about your ideas and what you did with your boo on V-Day! 

Mua ideas: 

The amazing JACLYN HILL slays this soft and pretty girly look!
Also I’m in love with Makeup by Alina’s bold and fierce floral look! Perfect year round! 

This glittery cut crease is literally everything! Another great look for your wonderful night of love!💞

And here are some very romantic, inexpensive Valentine’s date night ideas! I would be in heaven with a surprise like this! A dinner on the beach, romantic movie night in, pallet dinner on the floor with lights, champagne & chocolates! How could anyone resist! Especially that fruit fondue plate! I’m salivating already! 

This is the look I actually wore when my hubby and I went out for Valentine’s Day dinner and he showed up with a chocolate cake! Can we say YASSS?! 😍


Dolls! Please comment below & like my post if you think these ideas are a must for the proper Valentine’s Day and follow my blog for more creative future ideas!


Ciao Bella,

Amelia xx

The Balm Cosmetics!

Hello Unicorns! Hope the fam is having a fabulous week! Below are some photos of products I received when I purchased them ON SALE at thebalm.com

It was SUCH an amazing sale~ I HAD  to share it with you all!

Pictured above:

Eight pan filled eyeshadows, Cabana Boy, Mary Loumanizer, Bahama Mama, Meet Matte Hughes in Committed, and an awesome highlighting/contouring brush!


Love you all!

Ciao bella,

Amelia ❤

5-Minute Face Routine with Glossier!

Hello beautiful unicorns!

Sorry for the yet again, long absence! I’ve missed you all so much! I have been so busy trying to get my YouTube channel going & also a bunch of craziness!! I want to share with you guys my 5-minute secret beauty look!  I am also doing this blog in collaboration with Glossier! If you do not already know who they are head on over to their website and check out their products ! … I’m so excited to show you guys the steps on how I achieve a quick makeup look in no time flat, especially for light & non-makeup wearers, or on-the-go moms, or simply just anyone!

  • Step one: Prep! 50 seconds.

Prep the skin with a primer of your choice! One of my favorite primers is Hourglass mineral veil primer serum. It is so hydrating and smells wonderful! Very aromatic!

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer - Moisturizers & Creams - 501808033

  • Step two: Conceal! 55 seconds.

Conceal underneath eyes and all other areas that you wish, including blemishes. My go-to is a tie! I love both Urban Decay Naked skin & Nars creamy radiant. Only choose though- you only have 55 secs!

Image result for nars radiant creamy concealer chantilly Image result for urban decay concealer

  • Step three: Face! 40 seconds.

Once you’ve applied your foundation of your choice, you will need to add dimension back in by contouring, highlighting and adding blush! Some my favorites of these are, MAC prolong wear foundation, Kat Von D shade & light contour palette, Sleek makeup highlighting palette in solstice, and Tarte cosmetics 12-hr blush in blushing bride.

Image result for mac pro longwear foundation  Image result for kat von d shade and light Image result for sleek makeup solstice highlighting palette Image result for tarte cosmetics12 hour blushing bride

  • Step four: Brows! 40 seconds.

Such an important part of your makeup routine! If you don’t do anything else, define them brows! Yes, girl! I love to use a pencil and powder. My favorites are Rimmel professional brow pencil and Milani brow kit.

Image result for rimmel eyebrow pencil Image result for milani eyebrow kit

  • Step five: Eyes! 70 seconds.

I love to do a natural look for my eyes with my 5-min makeup routine, first I cover my lid with peaches from the Swamp Queen palette & into my crease, blending into my brow bone with big baby from the same palette. You can use any kind of neutral eye palette you wish! Next I line my eyes with liner, then top it off with a few coats of mascara! Below are the products I like to use!

Image result for estee lauder kajal eyeliner Image result for loreal carbon black mascara

  • Step six: Lips! 30 seconds.

I always love to use a nude or brown matte lipstick or liquid lip stain! That way, I know it will last all day! Especially through all my sips of coffee & tea. All of the Unicorn Fam-Bam is fully aware of my coffee and tea addiction! I enjoy wearing Wet & Wild matte lipstick from the Fergie collection in Fergie Daily or Smashbox cosmetics  liquid lipstick in Out loud!

Image result for wet n wild fergie daily Image result for smashbox cosmetics out loud liquid lipstick

  • Step seven: Set! 2-5 seconds.

The very last step to your 5-min beauty routine is setting your makeup with an awesome setting spray of your choice! I love to use Urban Decay’s all nighter setting spray, it works great! To really set & dry my spray I use my blow dryer to dry my face with, since I am already going to be using it to blow dry my hair 🙂

Image result for urban decay all nighter setting spray


There it is, hope you guys loved seeing the products I would use to create my 5-min face routine! Let me know what simple look you would do that doesn’t take much time while making you feel empowered and beautiful! Show me what products of your own would work the best for you! I would love to see!

Also don’t forget to check out Glossier, where  you can find some amazing products to achieve your 5-minute skin care or beauty routine. Their mantra is “skin first, makeup second, smile always.” What an excellent one to have!

I hope all of the Unicorn fam-bam is having a pumped-up weekend full of cupcakes, rainbows and huge smiles!

Love you all!

Ciao bella,

Amelia ❤ xx




Just a Friday Haul | Some good stuff!

Hey unicorns! Sorry for the long absence! It has been a crazy summer! Without going into too many deets, I just wanted to share with you guys some of the new-new!

-GLAMGLOW Ultimate Anti-Aging Set:


  • 1.7 oz Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment
  • 0.5 oz Supermud Clearing Treatment
  • 1 oz Youthcleanse Daily Exfoliating Cleanser
  • Dual-ended applicator brush

-Moroccan Oil Treatment:)

-Nivea shave balm (2) for keeping da makeup on!

-Philosophy release me eye makeup remover

-Ben Nye Banana Powder

-First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum & Cleanser

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster


I am really excited about my new products and loved sharing what I got today with y’all! Lmk in the comments section if you’ve tried any of these and how they worked for you! I will be updating with reviews after I’ve used them! xx

Love all of you majestic unicorns!

Ciao Bella,




April/May Empties| What I liked/disliked.

Hello beautiful bloggers, I know I am behind on blogging! This is a late post I meant to do in May or the beginning of June! (oops.) But I’m glad to be getting around to it and I hope you all enjoy! xx


Top left to right: Organic Japanese cotton pads, Japanese fabric softener, L’Occitane Lavender hand cream, Simple face wash, Kiehl’s avocado eye cream (sample), Herbal Essences natural mint infused shampoo, Body milk salts, Ulta’s spray on lotion in coconut cream, My tea steeping flask from Made by Fressco in AU, & Jason tea tree shampoo.

Bottom left to right: Angel by Theirry Mugler perfume, Wet-N_Wild eye makeup remover, Lancome creme radiance face wash, Secret deo in Hawaii, The Body Shop strawberry body wash, Bath & Body Works Country Chic body wash, Victoria’s Secret Heavenly perfume, Daiso makeup brush cleaner, Alien de Essence Absolue Thierry Mugler para Mujeres infused with shimmer, and MAC volcanic ash scrub.


From top left to bottom right: I loved the organic JP cotton pads I scored for like $3! The fabric softener was ok, dunno if I’ll reach for that scent/brand again. L’occitane and Simple are staples in my routine. I really enjoyed the sample of Kiehl’s eye cream I got. Pretty much everything from Kiehl’s is bomb. I will not be buying the Herbal Essences shampoo again, as much as I loved the old school one with rose hips, this new ones smell got old quick. I guess I’m just a 90s girl 4L! I loved the bath milk, only downfall was that the container wasn’t bigger so I could’ve used it longer. I also loved the coconut cream spray lotion from Ulta. It had an amazing scent & now I’m obsessed with spray lotions. I am absolutely in total love with my new tea steeping flask from Made by Fressko that my hubby got me in AU. I use it like everyday! Jason tea tree shampoo was meh.. I’ve had better, plus the smell became obnoxious after awhile. LOVE LOVE LOVE any scent by Thierry Mugler for the most part! (Angel & Alien are my favs!) The Wet&Wild eye makeup remover worked well but had a rather odd smell, won’t be purchasing again more than likely. Lancome Creme Radiance face wash has been my go-to for like almost 5 years! It is amazing, makes your face sooo soft and easily removes all makeup. I’ve completely switched from womens deo to mens because Secret stopped working on me.. The body Shop strawberry scented shower gel smelled like a REAL strawberry! Loved it! Not a huge fan of Country Chic by Bath & Body Works but didn’t hate it either… Just nothing special. I have worn Victoria’s Secret Heavenly perfume for over ten years and it still hasn’t got old! While shopping at the Daiso, I found this great brush cleaner, which actually did not have a bad scent.. Only wish is to please come in a bigger bottle! Another Thierry Mugler perfume ❤ and last but not least my MAC volcanic ash scrub exfoliator is by far the best one I have found so far! xoxo



Please lmk what you amazing bloggers think of this post and don’t forget to follow me here for more beauty, health and lifestyle blogs!

Love all of you.

Ciao Bella,

Amelia ❤ xx