Empties! [Lots of them from the past year and part of this new year!]

Lots of empties! Excited to share them with you all. Lmk if you’ve used some of these or something like them! Some I hated, some I loved! Stay tuned for the detailed YT Video!

Love ya lots!



January bliss: month in review

The sky is gray today and a polar vortex is snapping through the country! Brrrrr!❄️🌬

Although there is no snow in New Mexico, it definitely is dull outside so I decided to come to you in blog form and wish you well, sending lots of love, rainbows, sunshine & unicorns 🦄

I’m getting ready to host my first tranquility spa event in my home! I’m so excited to share facials, makeovers, treats, vision/inspo art journaling, and girl time for us sahm’s who need a pampering break!

Whilst sipping a dark red blend wine, Apothic Inferno, to be exact, I’m just relaxing in bed, trying to form a mental calendar of things I’d like to get done or at least attempt this coming month. So far in January my list is:

-Sealed and addressed 10 love notes going out for my friends and fam

-hung up twinkle lights in the kitchen

-made a “blessed” sign for kitchen

-made two name signs for the girls rooms, Araina & Faith 💕

-had coffee and met a dear soul, Christy Bunting (going to collab soon!)

-thoroughly enjoyed having Faithy & my dad for Christmas & New Years

-ate at Thai Orchid restaurant and had fresh coconut juice, fell in love with Thai all over again

-received my adorable & soft Gerard Cosmetics slay all day tee

-tried out the maybelline 24h super stay foundation

-had sushi date night with hubs & Rain

-binged and finished “You” on Netflix and it was 😳 intense

-Rain held her sippie cup all alone for the first time

-started and completed one of many vision boards for 2019

-found an adorbs brand new robe at goodwill with tags still on

-made a yummy blackberry bread pudding

-took a relaxing evening drive

-made & planted a cute portable herb planter

-lots and lots and lots of bubble baths

-have re-found my love for cross-stitch again and have been doing that off & on

-bought divided serving tray for tranquil spa & am currently getting all the little loose ends tightened before I schedule the day of for my event!

This week treat yourself to moments of pure bliss. Either by sipping on tea, or coffee, or wine, for that matter. Start a 2019 vision board, take lots of naps, pray tons, and really sink into some peace with the Lord!

Goodnight & Xoxo,

Amelia ❤


Nightly Relaxation Routine

My Nightly Routine!

Hey, hey beauties & the unicorn fam! I’m back! I’m sorry I’m not as consistent as I’d like to be but I’m trying. 🙏

With that being said I wanted to change things up a bit and do a post about my night routine. What I enjoy doing to help me wind down from the days adventures for a good nights rest!

Everyone has their routines and what works for them, mine are not too crazy! I like to use the simple things: lavender oil, bubble baths, glass of wine, etc! 😍 Also the most important thing that helps me is when I spend time with our Heavenly Father. I put on Kari Jobe radio and I try to write in my prayer book. Writing your thoughts and prayers down for the night gets everything out and you can see it on paper! I also keep my Bible app open during this time in case a verse speaks to me and I need to read more.

•Let God take over at this point!


There’s nothing like a warm bubble bath to soak your tired bones from the day in! Start with your favorite kind of bubbles and add some lavender oil + Epsom salts for relaxation & detox! I also like to keep a stack of magazines near the tub and a glass of wine! Speaking of wine, I like to have one glass before bed- it relaxes me and is good for your heart and so much more!!

I spend about 45 mins or less in the tub each night I can before bed, looking at all the latest fashion trends plus reading up on some good articles eases away the anxieties and stresses of the day!


•Young Living is my fav and go-to brand!

After the bath is when I lotion up real good and comb my hair. I spend this time making sure my skin is fully hydrated after that hot bath! You can also use coconut oil if you prefer a deeper moisturizing product! I also use my night serum and moisturizer on my face, pop on my sleep mask and jump into a comfy night gown or shorts with a cami.

•These are a few of my fav nighttime serums 👇

I love my bed!!!!!

Crawling into bed has to be my most favorite moment of each day. My bed is my happy place! But before I do I like to drink a cuppa and also a glass of water. Hydrating your insides is more important than the outside. I like to a chamomile or sleepy time tea. You can even do a decaf coffee or hot cocoa to warm your tummy! But always make sure to have your glass of water if you’ve soaked in the hot detox bath plus glass of wine! Make sure to do this. It’s very important to flush out impurities and hydrate again!

Now it’s time to get into bed and cozy up!!!

I put on Kari Jobe or Jesus Culture radio on my Pandora very low and it helps lull me into sleep! I write everything I can think of- from worries to praises in my journal and pray before drifting off into La-La land 😴

Turn off the lamp and tv for a good nights rest! Our melatonin activates better in darkness! Which is why they always suggest those blackout curtains for babies.

And I don’t know about you but sleeping like a baby (or a husband lol,) is the goal!

And I also like to recite a verse or two out loud along with HIS name to speak positivity over myself and my family.

I hope you all enjoyed my nightly routine post and I hope you are also having a lovely Christmas season! Remember that giving is more fulfilling than receiving! Even the smallest of gifts shows thoughtfulness and care.

•Winter Wonderland Dreams👇

Talk to you beauties soon! ✌️

Merry Christmas and have a happy new year, sparkling unicorns! 🦄✨

Ciao Bella,

Amelia xx

Mama.Unicorn 💗🦄

Note: some pics are not mine and were found on Pinterest for attention to the post. (Examples)

GO WILD this SZN for ANIMAL PRINT, y’all.

It’s animal print szn! Babe, if you aren’t wearing animal print this szn… WYD?

Hello beauties! I know it’s been a minute since I’ve blogged but I wanted to say that I’ve missed you all SO MUCH! It’s not been easy sticking to a bloggers schedule with my little miss unicorn princess! 🦄💜 Oh did I mention, I have a newborn baby now? If I didn’t, we welcomed home Baby Rain on July 1! She’s now 4 months old, and the sweetest-most-kickiest (if that’s a word lol) feisty little babe I’ve ever seen! We are so in love!


But back to the blog, I came today to say my favorite color for this season is LEOPARD!

See below 👇👇👇

You can keep things subtle and just throw in pops of leopard print here and there with some basic items! Add a jacket or boots, skirt or leggings to your wardrobe that day for a stylish, minimalistic look. I like to think of my leopard as a neural so it blends well with the same color scheme; blacks, browns, whites, (keeping it monochrome) & even some reds and olive greens for that wow factor!

-Or- simply go ALL OUT in a full animal print suit!

I’m also a huge fan of anything animal- eg: snake skin, cow and tiger print. Be daring and have some fun. I love how Kylie has paired these boots with a simple crop top & cut-offs! I’m also L I V I N G for Kendall’s red velour animal print pants! 😍

You just can’t go wrong with this print- day or night!

What ya waiting for? Make a statement hunny.



Mama.Unicorn 🦄💜

Some of the BeSt Foundations for Oily Skin

Hello beauties! Hope you’re well!

I have combined a whole list of the best bases for oily skin! (With pics & prices!)

I also put my favs next to each one!!

Rimmel Stay Matte, ($5) -(a fav!)

Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous, ($8)

Inglot YSM Cream base, ($20)

Stila Stay All Day, ($40)

Tarte Amazonian Clay, ($36)

Estée Lauder Double Wear, ($42) -(a fav!)

MAC Studio Fix Fluid, ($29) -(a fav!)

Urban Decay All Nighter, ($32)

LOreal infallible Pro-Matte, ($13)

Bare Minerals Bare Pro, ($34)

Maybelline FitMe Matte + Poreless, ($8) -(a fav!)

Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet +, ($41)

L’Oréal True Match, ($10)

Maybelline Dream Satin Skin, ($11)

Revlon Colorstay 24h, ($14)

Essence All About Matt, ($4)

Not pictured: Rimmel 25h, ($5-$6) -(a fav!)


I hope this list helps anyone looking for a STAY ALL DAY foundation and the prices! Talk to you soon loves!


Amelia ❤

Faux Freckles

Really loving this full ♡♡glam♡♡ look I did in one hour tops complete with faux freckles!

Hello Beauties! Hope you have all been well!! 🙏 I decided to hop on the bandwagon and finally try out a faux freckle look! Which I ended up really enjoying, btw. I paired my look with a black bandanna and a peachy colored shirt plus gold hoops. Love me some hoop earrings!! xx

And a closeup of the faux #freckles just because. 💕

Hope you all enjoyed seeing this creative and fun look I did and I’ve missed you lovelies! Muah!!💋


Amelia 💜

Electric Brush Cleaner 

Hello dolls! I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA for a minute or so! I’ve missed you all and I’m trying to get back on my regular blogging!

So I wanna talk about my new brush cleaner I recently purchased from Alexia.com. 

I chose the pink version and it’s just so darn cute! First you put your choice of soap in the bowl (just a few drops, a little goes a long way!) Add warm water and attach the right sized rubber end to your brush and dip in the bowl of soap to clean. 

I do like this product. There are a few kinks that I would change up about it. Not all of the rubber ends fit the brushes exactly how I imagined but it’s definitely fun to use! I would give it a 3 out of 5 stars. I don’t think I’ll purchase another like this one without really reading the reviews on the product. Sadly, I just jumped on this impulse buy and it was only $38, so not a bad price but the only regret I have is not reading all of the reviews before purchasing. 

Let me know if you guys have one or one like it. I would really like to know how it works for any of you beauty lovers! 

Comment below and let me know please!
Talk to you all soon! Love you all! 



Empties from April to June!

Hello beautiful unicorns! I hope you all are well!

I wanted to show all of you beauties my empties and what I’ve used up from April to now! I loved these past few months empty products! Let me know what you all think about the items pictured below and also tell me about your empties collection! I can’t wait to find out!



L’Occitane repairing conditioner sample

Pure Source New Zealand thermal bath salts

Korean Bamboo Water sheet mask

Kneipp “Happy for me,” and “Happy feeling,” bath salts

German brand nighttime calming bath salts (dark purple package)

B&BW Sweet cinnamon pumpkin foaming hand soap

B&BW sweet sangria foaming hand soap


Aloette Aloe Pure time repair serum

Avalon Organics Wrinkle therapy serum

Loreal Clean Artiste makeup remover

Origins Zero oil moisturizer

Prince Hello roll-on perfume

The Balm Mr. Write now eyeliner in brown

Ole Henriksen vitamin c day time serum

Body Fantasies Cotton Candy spray

Lancome renergie lift eye cream

Thierry Muegler Angel perfume (small bottle)

The Body Shop absinthe body cream (it was wondeful!)

L’Occitane lavender hand cream

Rimmel long lasting 25h foundation

B&BW wildberry blossom foaming hand soap

B&BW pumpkin pecan waffles foaming hand soap

Biosilk silk therapy shampoo

Red Cherry Valley of the Dolls faux lashes set

B&BW stress relief vanilla verbena body wash & bubble bath

B&BW Jingle Bellini body wash

B&BW Sweet Pea body wash

Korean Innisfree olive oil body oil wash

B&BW Aromatherapy honey vanilla dream body wash & bubble bath

B&BW Paris A’mour body wash

B&BW sweet pea shampoo & coconut lime verbena conditioner




Estee Lauder gentle eye makeup remover

Love & toast honey coconut shower gel

Skintimate sensitive skin lotionized skin therapy shaving cream

Burts Bees very volumizing pomegranate shampoo


I hope everyone had an amazing 4th and it has carried you all into an even more amazing and fun week!! Stay magical beautiful unicorns!

Ciao bella,

Amelia Paige xx




Professional teeth whitening at home with Smile Brilliant! 

Hey Y’ALL! Sorry for the long absence- not feeling well on this side of the world right now but I just wanted y’all to know I haven’t forgotten bout all of you!

Just dealing with a dumb cold right now and some school issues!smilebrilliant-logo-horizontal-600x425
Recently I was sent a teeth whitening system from Abby at Smile Brilliant! I am a huge fan of this system! It worked wonderfully and is so easy to make and use at home!
Thank you so much Abby! You are awesome! ❤
I’ll post below pictures of the whitening system, how-to’s, before and afters, and my code below if you’d like to save $$$ for purchasing this incredible whitening system!
The system comes with two molds- a top and bottom for your teeth with a molding type clay! You mold it to fit the trays and then take impressions of your teeth, rinse off with cold water and send back for your custom whitening trays to come in the mail!
This is what the kit looks like, when you receive it in the mail!
Professional, clean and easy to use!
“Great for lightly stained teeth. For those who have whitened in the past but experienced sensitivity or have natural sensitivity to cold food/drink. Does not regularly drink coffee, tea, or wine and does not smoke.”
Everything you need to get custom-fitted trays and 9 applications.

Smile Brilliant Review_4

Before & Afters:

Thank you guys and have a blessed day! 
Use my code: luxefashion and save 10% right now when purchasing the kit! 💕

Amelia ❤